Submitting a Classifieds Post in Davidson One

Davidson One is a web and mobile application designed for the Davidson community. With Davidson One, users can easily access resources across Davidson in one spot.

Classifieds Posts

Classifieds listings are available as part of Davidson One. Any Davidson employee or student can submit an Employee News post, while signed in with their Davidson account. The home page of the Davidson One Employee application displays a link to the classifieds listing. Classifieds are available under Resources in the Davidson One Student application. 

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Post a Classified Listing 

How to Submit a Classified Listing [Video]


Posting a Classified Listing

Fill out a Classifieds Listing form, including all pertinent information about your post. Click on Submit when you are ready for the post to be added to the listing. That's it! Your post will now show in the Classifieds Listing. You will receive a confirmation email in your inbox.

You can also make a new classifieds post when viewing the Classifieds Listing. Just click on New to open a new form.

Editing a Classified Listing

To edit a listing, navigate to the confirmation email you received in your Davidson email inbox. Click on View Task to open an editable version of your classified listing. You can also access your past submissions by logging into Kuali Build, and clicking on Action List.

Make any changes to your post, including title or description edits, or changing the status from Open to Closed. Click Save to save your changes.

❗Important: Clicking on Mark Complete will send your classified post to an uneditable state. If you need to make changes to a posting you marked as complete, please email


Submission Form Details

Title: This is the wording that people will see on the Classifieds listing. Choose a short, clear title to use for your post.  

Post Type: Choose the type of post you're submitting.

Status: Choose if your post is Open or Closed. Choose Open when you first post a listing. Closed posts will still be visible in the listing, but will let people know the post is no longer valid.

Description: Information about listing can be added here. If you need to include a PDF or an image as part of your post, link to it here.

Email Contact: Please use your Davidson email address.

Phone Contact: Include your phone number if you'd like people to be able to contact you via phone.




Receive Notifications for Classifieds Posts

To opt-in to notifications for Classifieds Posts, select "Receive Notifications" (located in the Settings tab on the mobile app, and in the top-right corner menu on the web page), and then click the checkbox labeled "Classifieds News Alerts". This will create an alert for you whenever an Classifieds Post is posted.



Classified Support

To edit a post that you have Marked as Complete, or delete a post entirely from the listing, please email


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