Submitting a Student News/Events Item Through Davidson One

Davidson One is a web and mobile application designed for the Davidson community. With Davidson One, users can easily access resources across Davidson in one spot.

Student News Items

All student news and events should be posted in WildcatSync. Davidson One provides a link to the WildcatSync Event and Promotion Request form, located in the Quick Links section of the Davidson One Employee profile.

Organizations that have a portal in WildcatSync can use their portal to post events and news items visible to all users. Departments and organizations on campus that do not have a WildcatSync portal can request that their event or news item be posted through the Crier portal. Items posted to the Crier portal are visible to all WildcatSync users.

WildcatSync Event and Promotion Request Form

Additionally, Davidson One provides a promo banner tile on the Student profile, where promo images for student news and events can be added. The banner image should be 919 x 468 for best fit, though images of all sizes will still work. Additionally, these images can link out to the news/event's WildcatSync page.

Davidson One Student News Banner Form

If you would like a departmental news banner tile, similar to the Music News or Library News tiles, please contact for the request. Please note that departmental news tiles are strictly opt-in.

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