Set up and connect to VPN on iOS (iPhone/iPad) - Employees

Davidson's VPN (virtual private network) capability allows access to Davidson network resources while working off-campus. To use VPN, you must:
  • Be a Davidson employee. VPN is not currently available to students; 
  • Enroll in the Duo two-factor authentication program; and. 
  • Install Cisco AnyConnect application on your computer or smart device.

Duo Two-Factor Authentication

  • If you need VPN and are not already enrolled in the Duo two-factor authentication program, please see the Knowledge Base article.

 Install and Set Up the Cisco AnyConnect App

  1. Download and install the Cisco AnyConnect app from the App Store.
  2. Launch the app.
  3. Tap either Allow or Don't Allow depending on your preference for notifications.
  4. Under Connections, tap No Connections.
  5. Tap Add VPN Connection.
  6. Leave Description blank.
  7. Input server address as: and touch Save in the upper right corner.
  8. Allow when asked to add VPN Configurations.

Launch and Connect with the Cisco AnyConnect App

  1. Launch the AnyConnect app.
  2. Turn on the AnyConnect VPN switch (it should be green when turned on).
  3. Choose the appropriate Group for your needs:

    01-Regular encrypts and protects only communications between you and the Davidson campus. This improves your Internet speed but is less secure, so use this from a trusted network like your home when you only need to securely access on-campus resources.

    04-Tunnel encrypts and protects all your traffic. This improves privacy and security, but commercial Internet sites will load more slowly. Use this when traveling, or in public or untrusted locations like coffee shops, airports, and hotels.

  4. Enter your username (without in the Username: field.
  5. Enter your Davidson network password in the Password: field.
  6. In the Second Password: field, you'll enter one of two options for Duo. 

    The first time you connect to using Duo, you may find it easier to use the passcode method. Future connections work well via either push or passcode.

    Option 1: Type push to use the Duo Mobile app on your phone to approve your login. Confirm the application and location before pressing Approve.

    Option 2: Or, type your six-digit passcode passcode generated by your Duo Token or the Duo Mobile app.

  7. After the first time you connect to using Duo, you will see that hostname replaced by VPN and VPNINSIDE. Use VPN from off-campus and VPNINSIDE from on-campus.

  8. Verify on your device that you see a tiny VPN in the upper left corner of your screen.

Access VPN on Your Computer



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