How To: Create Subdomains in cPanel

Subdomains are one way of organizing and separating content on your site. The other is subdirectories. For more on the distinctions between the two, see here. This article outlines the procedure for creating subdomains using the Davidson Domains dashboard.
  1. Log in to Domains and open your Dashboard.

  2. Locate the Domains section.


  3. Click Subdomains.


  4. In the Subdomains tool window, under Create a Subdomain in the Subdomain field, enter a name for your new subdomain. Leave the other settings at their defaults, then click Create. (Note that subdomain names can only contain numbers, letters, and hyphens, but the best subdomains are simple, short, and descriptive.)


  5. When cPanel is finished setting up your new subdomain, it will notify you (this can take as long as 45-60 seconds). Your subdomain will now be available as an option for when you install an application, such as WordPress, using Installatron.





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