How To: Create Subdomains in cPanel

Subdomains are one way of organizing and separating content on your site. The other is subdirectories. For more on the distinctions between the two, see here. This article outlines the procedure for creating subdomains using the Davidson Domains cPanel dashboard.
  1. Log in to Davidson Domains and open your Dashboard.

  2. Locate the Domains section (you may need to scroll down a bit to find it).

  3. Click the Domains tool.

  4. In the Domains tool window, click Create A New Domain button.

  5. Enter a fully qualified name for your new subdomain -- this just means that if your subdomain name is mynewsubdomain and your primary domain name is then your fully qualified name is the full URL to your subdomain, as in  (you must enter the full domain correctly, so double-check your entry before moving on). Uncheck the Share document root box, then enter the directory name where your files will be stored -- this will typically be a directory inside the public_html folder. In the above example, so your actual storage directory will look like this: /public_html/  (you just add /public_html/  in front of your fully qualified subdomain name).

  6. Click Submit to create your subdomain. (Note that subdomain names can only contain numbers, letters, and hyphens, but the best subdomains are simple, short, and descriptive.) When you're finished, click the cPanel logo to return to the top level dashboard window.

The files for your new subdomain will be placed in the folder you specified above, which you can see by opening the File Manager tool from the Files section.

In the File Manager directory listing (at the left side of the screen), locate and click public_html.




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