Create an External .PST File in Outlook

Your Office365 Microsoft Outlook emails are stored in the cloud by default. The process presented below allows you to move or copy emails and email folders from the cloud to a file stored on your desktop computer or laptop. The advantage of this transfer is that these folders can then be shared with other Outlook users. Typical example: An employee is leaving Davidson and would like to share email archives with colleagues.

Create the New Outlook File

  1. On the Outlook main menu, select File.
  2. In the left pane, make sure Info is selected.
  3. In the right pane, click on the large Account Settings icon.
  4. In the Account Settings drop-down list box, select Account Settings...
  5. Select the Data Files tab.
  6. In the Data Files tab, click on the Add... toolbar icon.
  7. The next step is important. You need to specify the name of the external file plus you need to choose where to store the file. Once you have entered the name and navigated to the new location, click on the OK button.
  8. Click on the Close button and the .PST folder is now created.

Working with the New Outlook File

  1. Back in Outlook, you will now find the new file in the left pane. (You will likely have scroll down to the bottom of the left pane.)  There are two default folders in your new .PST folder -- Deleted Items and Search Folders.
  2. Click on the tiny arrow to the left of the file name to open the file.
  3. Right-click on the new Outlook file name and select New Folder... on the resulting pop-up menu.
  4. Enter a new folder name and press the Enter key.
  5. Click on the new folder.
  6. You can now "drag and drop" emails and email folders into the external file.
If you "drag and drop" emails/folders with the left mouse button, they will be moved.
If you "drag and drop" emails/folders with the right mouse button, you will be given a choice to either move or copy.
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