Org Groups: Frequently Asked Questions

Google Drive replaced Dropbox as Davidson’s primary cloud storage and file sharing solution on December 13, 2021. All files and folders from Davidson-owned personal and departmental Dropbox folders have now been migrated to Google Drive. For more information, visit the project support page.

What is an Org Group?

  • An automatically updated directory group that can be used to grant access to an IT resource or distribution list.

  • Example resources include:
    • Google Drive
    • Your departmental distribution list
    • Any other IT resource whose membership should be updated automatically

How many Org Groups are there?

  • Every unique “org” or department in Banner has a corresponding Org Group.

  • Example List:


Who/what governs the membership of an Org Group?

  • HR allocates every employee’s labor distribution according to the departments or orgs they work in. Most people have a 100% labor allocation to their “home org”.

  • Around 130 Davidson employees split their time between departments. Any employee with any allocation of time to an org will be placed in the corresponding Org Group.

If my department hires a new employee, will they be automatically added to the Org Group?

  • Yes. Employees are also removed from Org Groups if they leave Davidson College or retire.

What happens if I transfer departments or my labor allocation changes?

  • You’ll be removed from your former department’s Org Group and placed into your new department’s Org Group the day after HR updates your labor distribution.

 What should I do if my department’s Org Group has someone in it that shouldn’t be there?

  • Contact HR and ask them to correct that person’s labor distribution so that they are no longer allocated to your department.

Who names the Org Groups?

  • Org Groups automatically name and rename themselves according the org description field set by Business Services.

How do Org Groups affect my department’s distribution list?

  • Org Groups are children of your department’s distribution list (DL), so anyone included in the Org Group will receive mail sent to your departmental DL.

    Take chemistry@davidson. After including the Chemistry Org Group, their distribution list now includes:
    • Everyone assigned to the Chemistry org by Human Resources (the Org Group).
    • A lab manager who doesn’t technically work for the Chemistry department. Regardless, the Chemistry department has decided that he should receive departmental email and has added him to the list manually.

  • Another hybrid example: an Academic Assistant (labor distribution coded to Academic Affairs) needs to be included in departmental communication, along with all employees officially assigned to your department by HR.

How can I prevent people from emailing my department's Org Group?

  • By default, Org Groups appear in the Outlook address book. You might prefer that your department's address book presence be limited to a different shared mailbox, or a different distribution list that incorporates the Org Group as a child member. In either case, simply submit a ticket to requesting that we hide your department's Org Group from the Outlook address book.

  • By default, any student or employee can send email to your department's Org Group. If you want to restrict sending rights for your Org Group so that only certain persons can relay messages through it, submit a ticket to detailing your request, and make sure to provide a list of approved senders.
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