Laptop Checkout Kiosks

Kiosk Locations

Loaner Mac laptops in the Laptop Lending program are available at vending kiosks in the following locations:

  • Little Library, 1st floor - 12 Mac laptops available 
  • Wall Academic Center, 3rd floor - 6 Mac laptops available
  • Alvarez Union, 4th floor - 12 Mac laptops available

Best Practices When Using Loaner Laptops

  • Don't save data directly to the laptops, they are erased periodically. Instead, upload your work to Google Drive, Moodle, etc.

  • If you notice any damage to the computers or the railing system attached to the computers, do not return the laptop to the kiosk. Return the laptop to the Union ticket office or the Library front desk. If the rails are loose or detached, the kiosk will not register your return correctly, resulting in late fees.

  • To use the Respondus LockDown Browser on a Davidson public lab computer or kiosk laptop, you must use the macOS operating system. 
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