How-To: Set up the Moodle 4 gradebook to drop the X lowest grades - Faculty

Moodle teachers can set up the gradebook to drop the lowest xx grades in a section with a large number of grades. The steps are presented below.
  1. Launch Moodle ( and open your course.
  2. In the course menu bar, click on Grades.
  3. On the Grades page, click on the Grader report dropdown menu and choose the Gradebook setup option.
  4. In the gradebook, make sure all of the grade items (quizzes, assignments, etc.) are grouped into a category. You must do this prior to the next step.
  5. In the same row as the category header, look in the Actions column. Click on the Edit drop-down list box and select Edit settings.
  6. In the Grade category section, click on Show more...
  7. In the Drop the lowest field, enter the number of items you would like to drop from the calculated grade. For example, if you would like to drop the lowest 3 grades, type in the number 3.
  8. Click on the Save changes button.

Note: The Natural aggregation style requires that all grade items in the category have the same total points for the drop the lowest setting to apply.

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