Disable automatic links between Moodle resources within a course - Faculty

By default, Moodle will create links to resources within a course. In other words, if you create a resource and then use that resource name elsewhere in the course, Moodle will automatically create a link between the name and the resource. This is called "Resource name auto-linking."

Follow these steps to disable this default setting.
  1. Launch Moodle (https://moodle.davidson.edu) and open your course.
  2. In the upper right corner of the screen, click on the "gear" icon to open the course settings.
  3. On the resulting drop-down list, select the Filters menu option.
  4. On the Activity names auto-linking drop-down list box, select Off.
  5. Click on the Save changes button. The "auto links" will now be disabled in the current course.
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