How-To: Import Moodle course content from a previous/existing course - Faculty

Moodle teachers can import course materials from previous courses. The steps are presented below.

Importing course materials from a previous/existing course (this includes sandboxes used to design a course):

  1. Launch Moodle ( and open the course you would like to import material into (the new course).
  2. From the course home page, select “More” from the navigation in the center of the screen
  3. Select “Course reuse” from the drop down selection
  4. On the Find a course to import data from page, type the course ID or title (course to import materials from) in the search field and click the Search button (sandbox courses may be used).
  5. Select a course to import materials from on the resulting page and click the Continue button.
  6. On the Backup settings page, select items to import and then click the Next button.
  7. On the following page, make sure all materials that need to be imported are checked and click the Next button.
  8. On the following page, click the Perform import button at the bottom of the page.
  9. You can now return to your current course using the Continue button.
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