Software Available in Labs and Classrooms

This software is pre-installed on public computers around campus, instructor stations in classrooms, computer classrooms, and most science teaching labs. Changes are generally made between semesters. Faculty will find the call for changes in the VPAA newsletter in October/November for the spring semester, and February/March for the fall semester. Please note, not all students have laptops so please request software accordingly.

Computers in most locations are dual boot (choose at startup if you want to use macOS 10.14 or Windows 10) or, in the case of instructor stations, there may be two separate computers, one Mac and one Windows, installed together in the same equipment rack.

More info is available regarding the licensing of many of these programs, including their availability for installation outside of the labs.

Note for 2020-2021:  Davidson's Virtual Lab is a "virtual Windows desktop in the cloud" which we are trying out this year as part of our COVID-19 response. The software installed on physical lab computers is mostly the same as it was at the end of the 2019-2020 academic year.

Fall 2020

Software Virtual Lab On-campus labs and classrooms (in person or via remote access)
7-Zip     Win
Acrobat Reader Virtual Lab Mac Win
Adobe Creative Cloud apps:
  Adobe Acrobat Pro
  Adobe Illustrator
  Adobe InDesign
  Adobe Photoshop
  Adobe Premiere Pro
  + many more


Anaconda plus requested packages
Virtual Lab (see Python)
ApE (A Plasmid Editor)   Mac Win
ArcGIS Desktop     Win
ArcGIS Pro Virtual Lab   Win
Arduino IDE (MaKey MaKey)   Mac Win
AstroImageJ Virtual Lab Mac Win
Atom   Mac Win
Audacity Virtual Lab Mac Win
Blender   Mac Win
BlueGriffon Virtual Lab Mac Win
ChemDraw     Win
Chipper Virtual Lab   Win
Chrome Virtual Lab Mac Win
Console     Win
Cyberduck   Mac Win
Eclipse   Mac Win
EPUBReader for Firefox   Mac Win
Fiji/ImageJ Virtual Lab Mac Win
Firefox   Mac Win
Gaussian      Win
GhostScript Virtual Lab   Win
GitHub Desktop    Mac Win
GSView Virtual Lab   Win
Gurobi     Win
Handbrake Virtual Lab Mac Win
Homebrew   Mac  
ImagePlot (ImageJ add-on)   Mac Win
iMovie   Mac  
Inquisit    Mac Win
Jamovi Virtual Lab Mac Win
Java SDK   Mac Win
JMP Pro   Mac Win
Keynote   Mac  
LockDown Browser (Respondus)   Mac  
MacTeX   Mac  
Mathcad     Win
Mathematica Virtual Lab Mac Win
MATLAB    Mac Win
Microsoft Office:
  Microsoft Excel
  Microsoft OneNote
  Microsoft PowerPoint
  Microsoft Publisher (Win only)
  Microsoft Word

Virtual Lab






MiKTeX Virtual Lab   Win
Node.js   Mac Win
OriginPro      Win
Populus   Mac Win
POV-Ray     Win
Processing   Mac Win
PyMOL   Mac Win
Python   Mac (see Anaconda)
R and RStudio Virtual Lab Mac Win
Read & Write Gold    Mac Win
Readium for Chrome   Mac Win
Registax Virtual Lab   Win
Safari   Mac  
SAOImage DS9   Mac Win
SAS  Virtual Lab   Win
scidavis Virtual Lab   Win
SimBio Virtual Lab    
Sketchup Pro   Mac Win
Skype   Mac Win
SML/NJ Virtual Lab Mac Win
Snapgene Viewer   Mac Win
Spartan     Win
Stata/IC Virtual Lab Mac Win
Stella   Mac Win
Stellarium  Virtual Lab Mac Win
Tableau   Mac Win
Thonny Virtual Lab Mac Win
Tracker Virtual Lab   Win
UCSF Chimera Virtual Lab Mac Win
VLC   Mac Win
Wacom tablet drivers   Mac  
Wing Personal Virtual Lab Mac Win
WinShell     Win
World Wide Telescope Virtual Lab   Win
Xcode command line tools   Mac  
Zotero Virtual Lab Mac Win


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