From DVD video to Moodle using Adobe Premiere Pro - Faculty

If you have a film on DVD from which you'd like to extract a clip and post in Moodle, use the steps below. It is assumed you are using a computer that has both an optical drive and Adobe Premiere Pro. If you run into any trouble, please do not hesitate to ask for help from the User Success Team.

From DVD to computer

  1. Insert the DVD into the optical drive on your computer.
  2. Do not launch the video; instead view the contents of the DVD in either File Explorer (Windows) or the Finder (macOS).
  3. Copy the VIDEO_TS folder from the DVD to your hard drive. Note: Please be patient as this process can take up to 20 minutes.
  4. Once the copy is complete, open the VIDEO_TS folder on your computer and you should see one or more large files with a .VOB file extension. These are the files that contain the video.

Use Adobe Premiere Pro to create the clip

  1. Open Premiere Pro and start a new project.
  2. Select File > New > Sequence. To keep it simple, name the sequence the same name as your ultimate export file will be named.
  3. In the Available Presets list, select DV-NTSC > Standard 48kHz > OK.
  4. Drag the first .VOB file and drop it on the timeline (lower right corner of the Premiere Pro screen).
  5. If you receive a Clip Mismatch Warning dialog box, select Keep existing settings.
  6. Once the .VOB file is placed in the timeline, make sure it is flush to the left edge of the timeline.
  7. Continue to drag the .VOB files one by one and drop them on the timeline in sequence. The beginning of each file should be flush to the end of the preceding file.

    To shorten or lengthen the time shown on the timeline, hold down the Alt key and roll the mouse wheel up and down.

  8. When all the .VOB files have been placed on the timeline, click on the first clip in timeline to select it.

    It would be impractical to add a complete tutorial on Adobe Premiere Pro; a very robust and complex application. That said, there are numerous excellent tutorials on LinkedIn Learning. 


  1. Find the [ on the left end of the clip and drag it to where you want the video to start.
  2. Find the ] on the right end of the clip and drag it to where you want the video to end.
  3. Once the clip has been "trimmed," move it so the starting point is flush to the left edge.
  4. File > Export > Media > H.264 > Keep source settings.
  5. Click on the file name in the Output Name: field and make sure the output file will be stored in the right location on your hard drive.
  6. Click on the Export button.
  7. When the export is complete, exit from Adobe Premiere Pro and save the project when prompted.

Upload the video to Vimeo

  1. Upload the exported video (in .MP4 format) to a folder on Google Drive or Dropbox and share it with a member of the User Success Team.
  2. Send an email to letting them know that you have a video that needs to be uploaded to the Davidson Vimeo account.
  3. A member of T&I will then email you with the "embed code" you will need to create the link in Moodle.

Create a link to your Vimeo file from within Moodle

  1. A Knowledge Base article has already been written for this step.




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