Map a network drive in Microsoft Windows 10

The steps below describe the process of mapping a Davidson network "share" within the Windows File Explorer application. This mapped drive can be temporary or it can be saved for future sessions.
  1. Click on the Start button Screen_Shot_2020-10-23_at_11.10.39_AM.png in the lower left corner of the Windows desktop.

  2. Type file explorer and Windows will automatically begin searching your hard drive.

  3. In the search results, click on the File Explorer app.

  4. In the left frame of the File Explorer window, right-click on the entry named This PC.

  5. In the resulting pop-up menu, select Map network drive... menu option.

  6. On the Map Network Drive dialog box:
    • In the Drive drop-down list box, select a drive letter to which you will map the network drive. For example, you might select the M: drive to map to the Medialab network drive.
    • In the Folder field, type in the specific server address in the form \\server\sharename. For example, you might type \\fs1\medialab\fms100 to map to the fms100 folder on the medialab network share.
    • If you would like this connection to be available every time you log into this computer, please check the box labeled Reconnect at sign-in.
    • Click on the Finish button.

If you can't connect to a network drive or folder, the computer to which you're trying to connect might be turned off or you might not have the correct permissions. Please email for more assistance.

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