Last Pass Incident: Updating Your Master Password

LastPass is a password management tool used to store, share, and manage passwords used by some departments and individuals at Davidson. On December 22, 2022, LastPass informed customers about a recent security breach. This article provides more information about updating your LastPass Master Password.

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Updating Your LastPass Master Password

An important step to keep your information in LastPass as secure as possible is to update your LastPass Master Password before doing anything else.

  1. Navigate to LastPass, and sign in with your current username and password.
    Note: If you are off campus, and using the Davidson Enterprise LastPass account, you will need to connect to the Cisco VPN first.

  2. On the left gray sidebar, click on Account Settings.

  3. Click on Change Master Password and follow the prompts to update your password.
    Note: Do not use a password you have previously used anywhere on the internet, or a variant of a past password. 

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