Using a Mac with Jamf Connect

Jamf Connect is a new and improved way to keep your Mac's login password the same as your password for the campus network. Most of the time you won't notice any difference from how your Mac worked in the past - except your off-campus logins might be faster!

Logging In to Your Mac When Using Jamf Connect


The first time you log in with Jamf Connect, you must have a wired internet connection, and the login screen will show a Microsoft login box and the Wildcat statue as a background picture. After the initial login, you will not see this screen very often. Instead, the FileVault application will be unlocked right after your computer is powered on, and you will automatically be taken all the way to your desktop. 

You might notice a different progress bar and/or the Wildcat background appearing briefly during the login. You will see the Wildcat screen again if you log out of your Mac account without shutting down the computer.

When your password expiration date is approaching, the menu bar icon will warn you in addition to receiving standard account notifications via email.

Updating Your Davidson Password When Using Jamf Connect

When using Jamf Connect, DO NOT change your password in by going to System Settings. In the past, you may have changed your password via the Users & Groups panel in System Settings. If you do, Jamf Connect will helpfully change it back to match the previous network password.

Jamf Connect password changes must be done on the network account first, via Change Password in the Jamf Connect menu or through the Change Password website.

Jamf Connect will keep your Mac account's password the same as your network password. It will also update any KeyChain entries for PawPrinters and campus file shares. In some cases, you may be prompted a few minutes after the original password change to re-provide the old or new password.


Dialog box prompting for login

You may occasionally have a dialog box pop up with the Jamf Connect title, requesting that you enter your email and password to keep your Mac and network accounts in sync. This may happen when the Jamf Connect app has just upgraded to a new version. If you do see this message, go ahead and log in as it requests.

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