New Zoom Features - June 2023

On June 12, 2023, Davidson T&I enabled a series of new features in the Davidson Zoom environment. If you have questions about how to use a new feature, please email

New Zoom Meeting Features

  • Dedicated Group Chats for Meeting Conversations
    • Scheduled meeting participants can chat with each other before, during, and after the meeting in a dedicated group chat.
  • Upcoming Meeting Notifications
  • Participant Profile Cards
    • Participants can now see each other's profile cards in meetings by hovering over their video or avatar and selecting View Profile. Profile cards contain important profile information such as title, local time, and working location, as well as buttons for 1:1 chatting, Zoom Meetings, SMS, and Zoom Phone calls.
  • Focus Mode
    • Shows only hosts and co-hosts' videos and profile pictures during a meeting. Focus Mode is not enabled in meetings by default, and can be found in the "More" menu in the in-meeting toolbar.
  • In-Meeting Stereo Audio
    • Allow users to select stereo audio during a meeting in their client settings.
  • HTML Invitations for Outlook Plugin
    • Use HTML formatting in addition to plain text for meeting invitations scheduled with the Outlook plugin.

Zoom Phone Features

  • Personal Voicemail Sharing
  • Videomail Virtual Background
    • Users can set a virtual background for their videomail and video greeting.

Zoom Team Chat Features

  • Team Chat Announcements
  • Messages on Local Devices Storage Removal
    • Direct messages, group conversations, and channels are saved on local devices for 1 year, after which they are removed.
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