Duo Authentication: U2F Key Update

Beginning February 1, 2021, Duo is updating U2F security key registrations. The next time you log in to a web-based Duo protected application, such as Google Drive, you may be prompted to update when authenticating using your U2F key.  If you would like more information about this update, please review this Duo knowledge article

Once you authenticate with your U2F key, you'll see the following message. Click Continue to begin the update.

Insert the U2F key, or, if the U2F key is already attached to your device, just tap the device as normal.


Select Allow to continue the update process.

Once you see this screen, the update is complete.   

Use the scroll bar on the right to move down. Click Continue to Login to return to the main Duo prompt. 



To complete the process, use your U2F key to authenticate. 


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