New Outlook Vs. Classic Outlook for Mac

Microsoft Office 365 has introduced the option to switch from the classic Outlook view to a sleeker, simplified interface called New Outlook. Though New Outlook looks promising, it is still being tested and currently doesn't support some of the more popular Outlook features. This article will provide details on the New Outlook and how to revert to the classic view.

T&I recommends using the Classic Outlook view until stability issues are resolved and the features we use in our environment become available in New Outlook for Mac.

You may have noticed that the Outlook application now gives you the option to switch to New Outlook:


It is off by default, but if you have already turned it on and want to revert back to Classic due to the lack of certain functionality or performance issues, you can simply toggle it off.

At this time, New Outlook for Mac does not support:

  • Shared mailboxes or calendars
  • Blocking email from certain senders
  • Contact lists
  • The ability to resend emails

For additional information, please see this Microsoft support article.





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