Google Drive Upload Limitations

Google Drive replaced Dropbox as Davidson’s primary cloud storage and file sharing solution on December 13, 2021. All files and folders from Davidson-owned personal and departmental Dropbox folders have now been migrated to Google Drive. For more information, visit the project support page.

Google Drive Upload and File Size Limitations
The Davidson Google Drive account allows unlimited cloud-based storage. However, there are specific limits to the size of individual files that can be uploaded to the Dropbox website.

Per Google support: "Individual users can only upload 750 GB each day between My Drive and all shared drives. Users who reach the 750-GB limit or upload a file larger than 750 GB cannot upload additional files that day. Uploads that are in progress will complete. The maximum individual file size that you can upload or synchronize is 5 TB."

It is also worth noting that any type of file can be uploaded.

More information is available here.


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