ScreenCloud: Digital Signage tool for Davidson College

ScreenCloud is the digital signage tool used at Davidson College. From their website: "ScreenCloud’s powerful digital signage software lets you securely show your most meaningful content on any screen in any location."


With ScreenCloud, content can be displayed throughout the College campus to share valuable and important information, which can easily be adjusted or changed during the day or as needed. ScreenCloud offers various apps and tools through their App Store, such as:

  • Scheduling apps
  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube) apps
  • Digital Menu apps
  • RSS feeds
  • Google and Outlook integration apps

Plus a whole lot more to suit the various needs of our departments. Department Content Managers are responsible for creating and delivering chosen content to the screens they manage. A list of current content managers can be found here:


ScreenCloud Content Managers


ScreenCloud Studio

Beginning in FY22 (July 2021), the College has transitioned over to ScreenCloud Studio, with features like:

  • Advanced Scheduling Options
  • New Department content sharing thru ScreenCloud
  • New Playlist options and features, like Channels
  • Totally new "Canvas" tool, which allows users to create content within ScreenCloud

To access the ScreenCloud Studio Overview Video, provided to Davidson College from ScreenCloud, click the link: ScreenCloud Studio Overview Video


Here are some links to ScreenCloud's Help Center, which will allow you to familiarize yourself with Studio, as well as take a look at some key differences between ScreenCloud Signage (old version) and Studio:

How to Use ScreenCloud for Digital Signage

ScreenCloud Signage vs ScreenCloud Studio: A Comparison Guide

Channels with ScreenCloud: Scheduling Content, Using Layouts and Adding Music to Your Screens

Setting Up Availability & Expiration Dates for Media Using ScreenCloud


To access ScreenCloud's Help Center: ScreenCloud Help Center

ScreenCloud Website:



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