Camera Kits for Synchronous Remote and In-Person Teaching

Camera kits are available for instructors to use who wish to teach Synchronous Remote and In-Person classes. These kits will allow instructors to record in-class modules (a prime example is whiteboard documentation) so those remote students will have an "in-class feel" to their learning.


What is in the kit?

The kit includes the following:

  • a high-resolution camcorder, with batteries and charger
  • tripod
  • 3-wheel dolly
  • wireless lapel/headset microphone
  • 15' micro/nano USB cable (for the camera to connect to your computer/laptop)
  • USB-C adapter
  • rolling case

The camcorder supports live streaming. You could do this with a webcam, but the higher quality video makes a difference if you are writing on a whiteboard. The wireless lapel mic allows you to move about the room in the way that you normally would and still be heard clearly. The tripod (with a wheeled dolly if you want) allows you to move the camera from board to board/highlight students/etc.


How do discussions work?

Students at home can speak normally and be heard when using the room's system as the speakers when your laptop is connected to the Classroom AV system.

Instructors can be heard by the remote students via the wireless lapel/headset mic.

Although this kit does not include a solution for picking up the audio from in-person students, there are workarounds and options available that some instructors have used, such as adding an additional microphone.



Training on the use of the kit will be given on the day you schedule for pickup. This 30-minute session will walk through the setup - both for the hardware and for the settings you need for Zoom (please bring your laptop device so that we can cater this training specifically for it, as devices and setups will differ).

Though the kits can work with the computers in the classrooms, certain limitations within those computers will arise. Therefore, it is highly recommended that these kits be used with your laptop device. Because of port and connection limitations, this kit is not recommended for use with an iPad or similar tablet device.



Currently, there are five (5) kits available for loaned use. There is no time duration limit for kit use.

We will continually evaluate requests and kit demand, and will add more kits into the rotation as the need arises.

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