Computer Options for Emeriti Faculty

This article provides information about computer options for faculty who are retiring with emeritus/emerita status. For more information about the process of transitioning college data and any personal data you would like to retain before you retire, see Leaving Davidson for Retiring Faculty.

I’m retiring from the College and have been granted emeritus/emerita status. What IT services are still available to me?

Faculty who are granted emeritus or emerita status by the board of trustees receive IT services and support intended to facilitate their transition to retirement while remaining engaged with college life in the spirit of the emeritus/a designation.

Emeriti faculty retain access to their College email account, and are asked to work with T&I to ensure that no Confidential or Restricted level data remains in their email account.

There are two options for computing resources for emeriti; you may elect neither, one, or both of these choices (assuming departmental approval):

Personal Computer Option: During the summer when a faculty member transitions to emeriti status, T&I can purchase for the retiring faculty member a new Windows or Mac laptop or an iPad Pro or equivalent. This device will be the personal property of the emeritus/a faculty member and will be independent from college oversight and management.

  • This system is the personal property of emeriti faculty. T&I will provide best-effort technical support and assistance, but any physical repairs and ultimate replacement at the end of its useful life are not the financial responsibility of the College.
  • T&I will assist emeriti in setting up their new computer, accessing their Davidson and personal email account on the system, and installing any software that they are licensed for and wish to use.
  • Because emeriti are no longer employees, and this is a personal computer, many college-licensed software programs cannot be installed on these systems.

Tier 2 Computer Option: If an emeriti faculty member is continuing to perform teaching/learning, research, mentorship, administrative or other service to the College, they may ask their department chair to request a Tier 2 laptop or desktop for their ongoing use.

  • This device is not the property of faculty emeriti but remains the property of Davidson College and is managed and subject to the security restrictions that apply to all College workstations.
  • College-licensed software that is restricted to College-owned computers may be installed on these systems, as long as our license allows use by faculty emeriti.
  • These are not personal computers and should not be used for personal business beyond the de minimis exceptions noted in the Davidson College Technology Terms of Service.
  • If a Tier 2 computer is outdated for its needed purpose, T&I will replace it with another Tier 2 system. (A retiring faculty member’s Tier 1 workstation may be repurposed as their Tier 2 workstation.)
  • Department chairs must reauthorize Tier 2 workstation assignments to faculty emeriti annually.

Because emeriti are no longer employees of the College, T&I staff do need to work with retirees to make sure Confidential and Restricted level data (such as Social Security Numbers, passport numbers, employee/personnel records, FERPA-protected student records) are no longer accessible, such as in one’s email account or in their personal digital files. A T&I staff member will complete this process with emeriti during the computer transition process described above.

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