Using 1Password at Davidson College

1Password is a password management tool used by some departments and individuals at Davidson. It is used to store, share, and manage passwords. 

Requesting Access
Setting Up Your 1Password Account
Using 1Password In a Browser
1 Password Vaults
Sharing Passwords or Credentials in 1Password
Using the 1Password Secret Key
Recovering Your 1Password Account
Additional Support

Requesting Access

1Password is used by select departments and groups at Davidson College. To request access to 1Password, contact Technology & Innovation at or 704-894-2900.

Setting Up Your 1Password Account

  1. After T&I has provisioned an account for you in 1Password, you will receive an email from with a link inviting you to "Join now.”

  2. Click the Join Now Button. This will open a browser window requesting a verification code.

  3. Look in your inbox for an email from The email will contain your 6-digit verification code

  4. Enter the code in the browser window and click Next.

  5. Next, you will be prompted to set your 1Password account password. Enter a secure password or passphrase.  It must be at least 14 characters.

  6. Click Next after entering a password. Be sure to save this password in a secure location. If you forget your password, T&I can recover your account for you. Next, an "Almost there" notification window should appear.

  7. Within a couple of minutes, you should receive a welcome email from

    The welcome email contains several useful links:

    ➜ Your sign-in address, which is
    ➜ A link to get the 1Password desktop app.
    ➜ A link to a guide from 1Password on getting started.

Using 1Password In a Browser

To log in to 1Password in a browser, click on the sign-in address in the welcome email or type in your browser address bar. 

  1. On the login screen, enter your password and click Sign In.

  2. Once signed in, you will see a dashboard page with see a link to your Private Vault and your Shared Vault(s).

1 Password Vaults

Your Private vault is where you store work-related items that aren’t shared with your team.

Shared vaults have items that everyone on your team can access. You may have access to more than one shared vault.

Sharing Passwords or Credentials in 1Password

If you need to share a password with someone in your own team, you can create an item in your team’s vault or you can create it in your private vault and move it to your team vault.


Options for sharing items from 1Password


  • Move/copy
Moves or copies the item to a team vault (pick from a list)
  • Duplicate
Creates a duplicate of the item.
  • Share
Share with anyone with email address. Generates a link with an expiration that you copy and send to whomever you want to share with (enter an email address - currently only allowed for domain)
  • Copy private link
Copies a direct link to the item - users who don’t have access won’t be able to get access by going to the URL.

If you need to share a password with another 1Password user, you can use the Send a copy option. This will allow you to pick the user with whom you wish to share the item from a list of 1Password users.

If you need to share a password with someone outside of your team who does not have access to 1Password, you can use the Share option. Currently, passwords can only be shared with other users.  

Commonly-used Item Types

  • Login - username, password, website URL
  • Password - password, website URL
  • API Credential - username, credential, hostname, expiration date
  • Secure note - free-form field
  • Many more options are available as possible Item Types.


Using the 1Password Secret Key

Your 1Password secret key may be needed in certain situations:

  • If you want to install the 1Password desktop app on another device
  • If you do not have the desktop app installed on your computer and clear your browser cookies/cache. 

To access your Secret Key, click on My Profile in the top right corner of the screen.

Click Copy in the Secret Key section of the window to copy/paste your secret key into a secure location. You should keep your secret key outside of 1Password because it can also be used to recover your account. If you don’t have your secret key, T&I can recover your account for you.


Recovering your 1Password Account

If you forget your 1Password password, contact T&I at and we can recover your account for you. Once we initiate the process to recover your account, you will receive an email from with instructions on how to complete your account recovery.

Once an administrator has completed the steps required on their end, you will receive another email from letting you know that your account recovery is complete with a link to sign back in and create a new password.


Additional Support

More information about how to use the browser extension and desktop application can be found at the following 1Password links.

Get started with 1Password in your browser

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Get to know 1Password for Android

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