How-To: Use Google Assignments to grade assignments in Google

The Google Assignment external tool is an alternative to the Assignment activity that allows students to submit Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and other files from their Davidson Google Drive. Sharing permissions are automatically managed by the tool and copies of student submissions will be saved in Google Drive folders. Grade in Google using the Google interface; grades are automatically added to your Moodle gradebook.

How to Add a Google Assignment Activity

  1. Turn on Edit mode in your Moodle course.
  2. Go to the desired section and click Add an activity or resource.
  3. Choose External tool from the list and click Add.
  4. In the Preconfigured tool list, choose Google Assignment. (Note: don't name the activity yet.)
  5. Click the Select content button.
  6. You will be prompted to link your Davidson Google account. Select Continue to authorize the connection. (Note: Only Google accounts can be associated with Google Assignments.)
  7. The Google Assignment setup page will open in a new window. Fill in the following details:
    • Total points the assignment is worth. This must be a positive, non-zero number.
    • (Optional) Due date.
  8. (Optional) You may also attach a file from your Google Drive that can serve as a template file, like a worksheet or data set. When a student opens the Google Assignment, they will receive their own copy of any file that you attach.
  9. Confirm the assignment details and click Create.
  10. The setup window will close and you will return to the Moodle settings page from step 4.
  11. Give your assignment a name.
  12. Expand the Grade section to apply grade settings to your Google Assignment:
    • Set the grade Type:
      • None: the grade will not pass back from Google to the Moodle gradebook.
      • Scale: the grade will pass from Google to Moodle and be converted to the scale that you choose.
      • Point: the grade will pass back from Google scaled to match the Maximum grade point total.
    • If you have created categories in your gradebook setup, add your assignment to the desired Grade category.
  13. Scroll to the bottom and Save.

Instructions for Students Submitting Google Assignments

Step-by-step instructions for submitting Google Assignments are available from Google.

Instructions for Giving Feedback and Grades


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