Zoom Room Guide

Zoom Rooms are conference rooms designed and equipped for video-conferencing through Zoom. All this technology can be rather intimidating, but can be simplified by imagining the Room itself as another attendee, or device to join the zoom from. 

Table of Contents


Starting a Brand New Meeting 

Joining an Existing or Scheduled Meeting 

Inviting Others to your meeting 

Sharing your screen 

Calendar Functionality


Every Zoom room comes equipped with standard equipment. These generally include: 

  • A TV/Display 
  • A Videoconferencing Bar (speaker, webcam, microphone) 
  • A Zoom Room Controller (the iPad with options to reserve the room or start a new meeting) 
  • Remotes 

You shouldn’t need to disconnect or power off any of this equipment. Day to day, you’ll mostly be interacting with the controller. 

Zoom App 

It may sound silly, but always remember these rooms are designed to work through Zoom. You can search for the zoom app using the searchbar in the bottom left corner (windows), or the Spotlight Search magnifying glass in the top right (MacOS). 

Starting a Brand New Meeting 

From the Controller 

Select the Orange ‘New Meeting’ button. This will automatically create and start a new meeting in the Zoom room. From here, you could invite others, share laptop screens, etc. 

From your Laptop

First, open the Zoom app on your laptop, and select the “Pair” button in the top right corner. 

Next, press the orange New Meeting button. 

Finally, once the meeting opens click on the pair button one last time, and select ‘Move to Zoom Room’. 


Joining an Existing or Scheduled Meeting 

From the Controller

If You’ve previously invited the Zoom Room to the meeting as an outlook meeting, it will show up in the scheduled events. You can select ‘Start’, and the meeting will automatically launch. 

Otherwise, you can select blue + ‘join’ button, and enter in the meeting ID of the meeting.    

From your Laptop

If you haven’t joined the meeting from your laptop, first open the Zoom App itself. On the right hand side, the upcoming meeting should populate. 

Click on the ‘...’ and select ‘Join from a room’. 

Most times, your laptop will automatically communicate with the nearby room and know which room to join from. Otherwise, it will prompt for the pairing key displayed on the TV. 

If you’re already in the meeting, you can select Invite from the bottom tool bar, and then select ‘Zoom Rooms’, and select the room from the drop down. 

Alternatively, you could select the ‘pairing’ button in the top right, and follow the same steps as starting a brand-new meeting. 


Inviting Others to Your Meeting 

From both the controller, or your laptop, you can invite others using the “Invite+” option. In both cases, you can enter their name to send them an invite directly in the zoom app. 

From the Controller, you can also send an email with the meeting ID. This email will come from an email address named after the zoom room, for instance “tim-arches@davidson.edu” For T&I Main- Arches conference room. 

If the user needs a meeting ID to manually enter, that can also be found by tapping the green shield icon in the top left of the controller, or top left of the meeting window on your laptop.  


Sharing your screen 

Oftentimes, users might want to share their screen, whether that be to show slides of a presentation, or just to ensure everyone can see the document you’re all working on. 

Just like plugging your laptop in with a display cable, this will share your whole screen! 

From the zoom app select Share Screen. Your laptop will automatically connect and begin sharing your screen. 

Can't find the app? Head to share.zoom.us, select ‘Enter a Share Key to Present”, and accept the prompt to allow Zoom to open

Concerned about sharing your entire screen? You can change the app to always be prompted to select a specific app or window! Open up the zoom app, click the ‘settings’ cogwheel in the top left. Then head to Share Screen. 

Under When I share directly to a Zoom Room, check Show all sharing options


Calendar Functionality 

Inviting a zoom room to events 

Just like you may invite people to an Outlook calendar event, you can also invite your zoom room! While making or editing the calendar event, select the ‘invitee’ field, and search for the room. 

Don’t know your zoom room’s name? It’s often named with the department, and meeting room location, such as ‘T&I - Denali’. If a quick search doesn’t show the name, or you need confirmation, the room name can be found in the top left corner of the Zoom Room display. 

Once invited, you should receive email confirmation that the room has been reserved. 

After inviting the room to a meeting, the Zoom Room Controller will display a list of all scheduled meetings. From the controller, you can immediately start and join the meeting. 

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