Rebranding Qualtrics Surveys

The Qualtrics theme has been updated to represent the new Davidson College brand. All surveys created on or after September 4 will automatically use the new theme. All surveys created prior to September 4 have the old branding and must be updated manually. To do this:


  1. Open your Project (survey) in Qualtrics (


  1. Go to the “Look and feel” tab


  1. Most likely, the “New Brand - Default” theme appears as selected. However, it has not actually been applied and the old theme is what appears when the survey is viewed.


  1. Select the “Blank” theme and then re-select “New Brand - Default” theme (this is needed in order to enable the “Apply” button.)


  1. Click “Apply” (bottom right corner)


  1. Go to the “Builder” tab


  1. Click “Preview” (top right corner) and make sure everything looks ok (will open in a new browser tab)


  1. Go back to Edit Survey browser tab and click “Publish” (top right corner)


If you find problems with the theme, please email with an explanation of what needs to be changed.

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