Public Campus Directory Retirement

The Davidson public web directory retired as a service in October 2023. Students and employees can continue to lookup student/faculty/staff email addresses, photos, phone numbers and other information via the authenticated internal campus directory. If you have questions, please email

Why has the public campus directory been retired?

While it was once commonplace for colleges/universities to list all their students, faculty and staff including their contact information via a lookup directory, many institutions including a number of our peers now restrict directory access especially for students' information to an internal directory accessible only to those individuals with a campus login account.

We continue to see students' email addresses targeted in research/campus job scams, gift card scams, and for other nefarious purposes. Redacting student directory information from being published to the internet is a step in hopefully reducing the frequency of these email abuses.


How can I find someone at the college with the public directory retired?

If you are an active member of the Davidson College community, visit and log in to the internal directory at to access the directory.

If you are not part of the Davidson community, note that many faculty and staff can be found on the College's main website ( by searching for their name or department, usually in the About, Staff or Faculty section of their department's website.

You may also contact the College switchboard at (704) 894-2000 for campus information.


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