How-To: Show percentages in course total grades

  1. Log into your Moodle course and click on Grades.
  2. Click on the Grader report drop-down menu and choose Course grade settings.
  3. Go to the Grade item settings section.
  4. Change the Grade display type to Real (percentage). This will show the points and the percentage in parentheses.
    Example display for an assignment out of 20: 17 (85.00%)
  5. Scroll to the bottom and click Save changes.
  6. Click on the Course grade settings drop-down menu and select Grader report to return to the table with all students and all grades.
  7. IMPORTANT: To see the percentages, you must toggle off Edit mode. If you are seeing the quick grading boxes and not seeing percentages, toggle off Edit mode.
  8. You should now see the percentage for each student in the Course total column.
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