How-To: Print a Moodle quiz

In some instances, you may be asked to provide paper copies of a quiz or exam created in Moodle. Use the following steps to produce all of your questions in a single document.

Step 1: Turn off security features

  1. Ensure that your quiz is not open or is hidden from students.
  2. If you have Respondus LockDown Browser enabled, go to the Respondus dashboard and disable LockDown Browser for this quiz.
  3. Click on your quiz and choose the Settings tab.
  4. Expand the Extra restrictions on attempts section.
  5. Click Show more...
  6. Ensure that Browser security is set to None. Note the original setting to change it back after you have printed your quiz.
  7. Scroll to the bottom and choose Save and display.

Step 2: Print your exam

  1. On the Quiz page, click Preview quiz.
  2. In the Quiz navigation block, click Finish attempt. Do not answer any questions.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of your Summary and click Submit all and finish. If asked, confirm your submission.
  4. You will see the review of your empty quiz. If you have multiple pages, scroll to the bottom of the Quiz navigation block and click Show all questions on one page.
  5. Press Ctrl+P (Windows) or Command+P (Mac) and choose the Save as PDF option (exact wording may vary by browser).
  6. Save your file.

Note that not all options may be visible in your PDF. You can use Adobe Acrobat to edit your PDF to include drop-down options, matching, etc.

Step 3: Re-enable security features

Repeat steps 2-4 from Step 1: Turn off security features to return your quiz to the original security settings. Be sure to save your changes.

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