Set Up and Connect to Palo Alto GlobalProtect VPN on Your Computer

The Virtual Private Network (VPN) utilized by Davidson College is a convenient way to access resources on the campus network that would otherwise be unavailable off campus. When a user connects to VPN, a secure line of communication between the user’s device and the Davidson network is established. This secure connection also encrypts the data, adding another layer of data security. 
On March 22, 2024 T&I launched an updated VPN service, Palo Alto GlobalProtect VPN, on all Davidson-managed computers. Use of the Cisco AnyConnect VPN application has been discontinued. 

Quick Steps: Connecting to the Davidson VPN 

1. Open the Palo Alto GlobalConnect Application. Click on the globe icon on your taskbar (Windows) or menu bar (Mac) to open the GlobalConnect pop-up.

2. Type in in the Portal section and click Connect.

3. Log in with your Davidson email address and password in the window that appears, then accept the Duo prompt to complete the login.

4. Click Disconnect when you're done using VPN.

Download and Install GlobalProtect VPN Software if Needed

If you have a Davidson computer, the VPN application should have been automatically added to your. It can be also be downloaded and installed manually.

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in using your full Davidson email address and password. 
  3. Authenticate with Duo.
  4. Click the download link for the appropriate operating system. Windows users will want the 64 bit version.
  5. Install the software, choosing just "GlobalProtect" when presented with options.

    Screenshot of GlobalProtect Install Screen

Connecting to the VPN Once Installed

  1. Click the GlobalProtect icon in your task bar (top right on Mac, bottom right on Windows).
  2. You may have to click Get Started if prompted.
  3. If it doesn't auto-populate, enter in the Portal field and click Connect.

    Screenshot of GlobalProtect Not Connected screen

  4. Sign in using your full Davidson email address and password.
  5. Authenticate with Duo.
  6. After connecting, your GlobalProtect icon will change and you will show as connected when you click it.

    Screenshot of GlobalProtect screen with Connected status displayed

  7. Click Disconnect when you're done using VPN.
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