Summer 2024 Network Modernization Project

Davidson T&I will be updating and modernizing the entire Davidson network in July of 2024. Work will include replacing all existing wired hardware across campus, and will result in a series of campus-wide outages, as well as shorter building-by-building outages scheduled across July 10-20.

About This Network Update

Davidson T&I will be updating and modernizing the entire Davidson network this summer, working to replace all existing wired hardware across campus. Work will begin in July and is anticipated to wrap up by July 20. 

Update Schedule

🗓️ Internet Outage Evening and Night of July 12

On Friday, July 12 beginning at 5:00 pm, T&I will be continuing to update centralized hardware for the Davidson network that will result in a loss of internet service that may last until the following morning. This outage will affect both wired and wireless networks, and all associated services that are connected to these networks. Please plan to use cellular data during this time period.

🗓️ Building-Specific Outages July 10 - 20

Each building on campus will additionally experience specific, shorter outages between July 10 and 20 when individual equipment is replaced in each building. Buildings will experience a shorter outage near the beginning of the maintenance period listed for their building as centralized hardware is replaced, and then another longer outage later in the maintenance period when individual building or floor hardware is updated.

Note: Unexpected technical issues have shifted the building schedule. An updated schedule was posted on July 12. The project team has made adjustments based around key dates for buildings and events. This schedule is subject to change as work continues.

Current Building Outage Schedule

If you have any questions about this maintenance period or concerns about the date listed for your building, please contact your T&I Relationship Manager, or 704-894-2900.

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