Sending Email to Course Auto-group Lists - Faculty

Davidson Technology & Innovation, in consultation with the Registrar, has made a change to course auto-group lists to bring these in line with campus standards on FERPA and better protect student privacy.

With this change, course auto-group lists no longer appear on the Global Address List for Outlook/Outlook Web Access. Although these lists will no longer “autocomplete,” faculty can still easily email students enrolled in their classes by entering each address manually using the steps below. This change also prevents users from browsing all members of a course auto-group in Outlook.

To Email Students in Your Class

  1. Find your detailed course listing using Davidson’s Class Schedule or the course listing in Banner Self-Service (under the Faculty and Advisers menu).
  2. Determine your auto-group name. Combine the SUBJECT, COURSE NUMBER, SECTION NUMBER/LETTER and _ACADEMIC PERIOD. This term’s academic period is: 202002. (Fall 2021 will be 202101, Spring 2022 will be 202102; and so forth.)

    Africana Studies 101–Intro to Africana Studies. Combine the Subject (AFR), course (101), section (0), _202002. The Course Group Email Address:​ ​​​​

    Physics 130, Section A – General Physics with Calculus. Combine the Subject (PHY), course (130), section (A) and academic period (_202002). The Course Group Email Address:​ ​​​​

Please contact​ if need help determining your auto-group name.

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