Install ATLAS.ti On Your Personal or Office Computer - Students/Faculty/Staff

Davidson College has a site license that allows students and faculty to install the ATLAS.ti software application on college-owned computers and on their personal computers. The steps for this process are presented below.

Request the ATLAS.ti invitation code

Email with an email subject line of Request ATLAS.ti invitation code. This code will associate your personal ATLAS.ti account with our license, allowing you to activate software installed on your computer. 

Create an ATLAS.ti Account (if you don't already have one with your Davidson email address)

  1. Open a browser and navigate to
  2. Choose Create an account! at the bottom of the login box.
  3. Enter your Davidson email address and create a password that meets their requirements.
    • If you don't use your Davidson address, we won't be able to confirm your affiliation and will block your use of the license. 
    • When you create a password on this or any other site, do not use the same password as your email/network account; that makes your campus account vulnerable to hacks perpetrated on the third party service.
  4. It will send you an email to confirm your address. Leave this window open until that email arrives; if it doesn't show up within a few minutes, ask it to send again.
  5. Once you have the email, but BEFORE you click the confirmation link, choose the Log Out option in the upper right corner of the webpage, then close that browser tab or window.
  6. Click on the confirmation link in the email, which should take you to a login page. Log in with the password you just created, and it should let you in. You'll see boxes for Activating and Getting licenses.

Associate Your ATLAS.ti Account With Davidson's License and Download the Latest Installer

  1. Once you have received the ATLAS.ti invitation code that you requested from T&I, log in to your ATLAS.ti account that uses your Davidson email address.
  2. In the Activate License box, enter or paste the code that you received.
  3. Accept the affiliation with the Davidson site license.
  4. Your ATLAS.ti account will now list the Davidson campus subscription. Use the buttons to get the installer for Mac or Windows, or to access ATLAS.ti Online.
    • Alternatively, on a college-owned computer, install ATLAS.ti from Self Service (Mac) or Software Center (Windows).
  5. Once the installer is downloaded, run it and follow the onscreen prompts to complete installation.
  6. When you launch ATLAS.ti, log in with your Davidson-affiliated ATLAS.ti account in order to activate the license and use the software.
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