macOS Updating on College Computers

All campus computers are required to keep up with security updates as they are released by vendors. In order to facilitate this process for Macs in offices around campus, computers that need updates will display notifications/reminders of this fact, before eventually installing the updates automatically.

macOS updates often require a restart of the computer in order to complete; therefore, we strongly recommend that you apply the updates at your convenience once you receive the reminders, before the mandatory deadline.

Davidson's notifications will show up on an as-needed basis, when important patches are released and once we are satisfied with their quality. Note that Apple does not release patches on a scheduled monthly basis.

Once the reminder cycle has begun, you will generally have about a week before the deadline. High priority updates may have a shorter deadline, and those with a lower priority or which have a bigger impact (due to interface changes or a long install time, for example) may have a longer lead time.

When the deadline is reached, you will be prompted to install immediately or allowed to snooze the reminder for an hour; usually 3 snoozes are allowed. If a reboot is required, you will be given a 5 minute warning before the computer reboots itself; we encourage you to save your work and initiate the reboot immediately, for maximum efficiency and minimum interruption. Some patches only take a few minutes to install, others may take up to half an hour. 

If you have arrived at this page by searching for macOSupdatePush at the direction of a popup message on your computer, please update as soon as possible to quiet the reminders and avoid an inconvenient mandatory reboot at the deadline.
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