Hance Auditorium Overview

Hance Auditorium is like other digital classrooms with some additional functionality.

Hance Projection And Displays

Hance has one dual boot Mac Mini. The system is controlled by a Biamp Touch Panel which sits on top of the podium/lectern.  Upon powering on the system from the Biamp Touch Panel, you will see the dual boot screen appear on the side room displays as well as the projection screen.  You may also choose to use your own device by plugging into the provided HDMI cable and selecting Wall Plate 1 from the touch panel as your source.   The lights are controlled via the switches on the wall behind the lectern.  The projection screen controls (Up and Down) are also located on the wall behind the lectern, as well as the window shade controls.  (If the window shade is stuck open or closed, please report the issue to Physical Plant).

Hance Microphone Arrays, Assisted Listening Devices and Web Conference Functionality

Hance Auditorium was redesigned and upgraded in the fall of 2023 and is now open for use.  There are now ceiling microphone arrays that will pick up the presenters voice as well as a second microphone array over the auditorium seating area for any speaking from that area.  These microphones are designed to work in conjunction with Web Conferencing (Zoom) functionality but not for live sound reinforcement as in the past as all external mics and components were removed (such as wearing a lapel or using a handheld microphone).  Zoom can be accessed from the dual boot Mac Mini and will run from the user account (when you sign into the dual boot with your name and password).  There is also a PTZ Camera mounted underneath the in room projector which will serve as the near end camera on a Zoom call in the room.  Camera controls are located on the Biamp Touch Panel on the lectern.  The camera can be moved up, down, left and right with these controls as well as performing zoom in and out functions.  

There are also Assisted Listening Devices available in the room if needed.  These body packs that can be worn by students or attendees in the audience which have one earphone connected that can put into either ear.  The microphone arrays in the room will pick up the person talking and allow the person(s) wearing the ALDs to hear the audio in a more concentrated and more personal manner. If you would like to use these devices for an event, please email the T&I Service Desk at ti@davidson.edu and we will provide you with assistance getting these correctly setup for you.  

Moveable White Boards

As you will see when entering the room, there are 2 stationary white boards on either side of each display (4 total) and 4 moveable with boards at the center of the room which are accessible when the projection screen is in the "up" position.  These whiteboards can be moved up and down to reveal additional stationary white boards behind them for use if needed.  Dry erase markers and erasers are located in the trays at the center of the room below the whiteboards. 

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