Install ArcGIS on your college-owned computer

Davidson has a site license for ESRI ArcGIS Desktop Advanced. ArcGIS is available for Windows.

  • Installation IS allowed on any college-owned computer - see instructions below.
  • Installation IS allowed on computers personally owned by students - email T&I for help.
  • Installation IS allowed on computers personally owned by "faculty and research staff" "only for academic purposes" - email T&I for help.
  • Cannot be used for any commercial or profit-generating activities.
  • Cannot be taken out of the U.S. without permission - email T&I for help.

Campus-owned Windows computer:

In order to install software via the Software Center, your computer must be either:

  • On campus connected to the Davidson network via a wired network connection; or,
  • On campus connected to the eduroam wireless networks; or,
  • Off campus connected to the Davidson network via VPN.
  1. Click on the Windows Start button in the lower left corner of the desktop.
  2. Type software center and Windows will automatically begin searching your hard drive.
  3. In the search results, click on the Software Center app.
  4. In the panel along the left edge of the Software Center window, make sure Applications is selected.
  5. Click on the ArcGIS icon.
  6. Click on the Install button.

If the computer in question will be using ArcGIS only while connected to the campus network (on campus wired, on campus wireless, or off campus via VPN) then you are done. By default, this installation of ArcGIS is configured to use the on-campus license server, which is maintained by T&I so you do not have to update your ArcGIS license every year.

If the computer will need to use ArcGIS while off campus and not connected via VPN, request a "single user" license by emailing T&I. This license will allow ArcGIS to function without a connection to the campus network; however, you will need to receive and install a new license file each year after our campus agreement is renewed.

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