How To: Install WordPress Using cPanel and Installatron

WordPress is one of the most popular applications on the internet. It can be used to build websites, blogs, e-shops, and a lot more. Setting up WordPress on your Davidson Domains site takes very little time, and requires no specific skills.
  1. Log in to and open your Dashboard.

  2. Locate the Applications section, and click the WordPress icon to launch Installatron.


  3. At the top right of the Installatron window, click + install this application to open the Install settings window.


  4. Under Location, from the Domain menu, choose an installation domain and/or subdomain, and enter a subdirectory if you wish. If you have multiple domains/subdomains, make sure you choose the correct domain for this installation. By default, Installatron will select your primary domain. Choose the subdomain starting with https:


  5. Leave the Version, Update, and Administrator settings at their defaults.


  6. Enter a Website Title and Tagline, if you wish.

  7. Click Install. Installation will commence.

  8. Under the title of your new site, locate the link ending in "wp-admin" and click it to load the WordPress administrator dashboard.


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