Troubleshooting Ohaus scales using Pasco DataStudio in Physics Labs

Setting up Ohaus scales in DataStudio

Steps required during initial setup only

  1. Log in under an administrator account
  2. Right-click on the DataStudio shortcut and select Run as administrator
  3. Click on the Yes button

Steps to use the Ohaus scale in DataStudio

  1. If necessary, double-click on the DataStudio shortcut to start the application.
  2. If you see the yellow "DataStudio can be set up with options..." dialog box, click on the No button.
  3. On the Welcome to DataStudio dialog box, click on Create Experiment.
  4. Click on the Setup button.
  5. Click on the Choose Interface button.
  6. Select the PASPORT radio button and then click on the OK button.
  7. Click on the Setup button.
  8. Click on the Add Sensor or Instrument button.
  9. Select Instruments from the drop-down list box.
  10. Double-click on Ohaus Scales in the Instruments list and click OK.
  11. Click on the the Start button.

    If the Start button is not available, make sure the Ohaus scale is turned on. Once the scale is on, please be patient as it sometimes takes 10-15 seconds for DataStudio to establish a link with the scale.

  12. Place an object on the scale and you should see a change in the chart.
  13. Click on the Stop button.
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