Activate WiFi calling on your smartphone

Many smartphones have the ability to use WiFi connection to place calls. This feature is particularly helpful in emergencies, when cellular service is unavailable. In places where WiFi is particularly strong, like Davidson's campus, WiFi calling can aid in giving you the strongest service possible. WiFi calling is not supported by all carriers, so contact your carrier to ensure availability. 

Activate WiFi calling on your smartphone

WiFi Calling on iPhone:

1. Open Settings.
2. Select Phone in your Settings menu.
3. Under Phone, you will see WiFi Calling. Toggle the slider to On so that it is green. You may need to enter or confirm your address for emergency services. 

WiFi Calling on Android:

1. Open Settings
2. Your Settings should feature a Wireless & Networks subcategory. Locate WiFi Calling under Wireless & Networks.
3. Toggle the slider for WiFi Calling to On so that it is green.

Note: Some Android phones may have the WiFi calling feature under a different subcategory than listed above. If this is the case, contact your carrier to get instructions for your specific device. 



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