Download and install LastPass

LastPass is a password manager that will remember all your passwords, come up with secure and encrypted passwords, as well as store all your important information. A password manager helps its users be cyber secure by keeping their passwords and various information safe and secure.
  1. Visit
  2. Click on the right button on the upper right part of the screen titled, “Get LastPass Free.”
  3. At this point, you will create an account.
    • Email:
    • Master password: This password will be used to log into LastPass and will be the only password you need to remember as LastPass will generate and remember passwords for you after this point. Make sure this password is very secure (minimum requirements are at least 12 characters long, at least 1 number, at least 1 lowercase letter, at least 1 uppercase letter, not your email).
    • Confirm master password: retype in the master password from the above step.
    • Reminder: you can create a hint to help you remember your master password. This is optional but a good suggestion if you might forget your master password.
    • Then click sign up!
  4. After your account has been created, LastPass will prompt you to install their browser extension to remember your passwords.
  5. Once installed, login using the account you just created in step 3. You will notice the LastPass logo in the upper right, next to any other extensions you may have.
  6. To go to your LastPass “vault” you can click on the logo and it will take you to your LastPass account.
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