Encryption of College-owned Computers


  • Encryption protects the contents of a computer's hard drive by encoding the data so that it cannot be read without the proper "key".
  • The encryption protocol we use protects the data even if the hard drive is removed from its computer and connected to another device.


  • Protects vital college data from theft or disclosure.
  • Prevents liability for a data breach if a computer containing sensitive data were to be lost or stolen.


  • All campus office computers will be encrypted by default; most new computers are encrypted at the time of delivery.

Key to Know

  • Once the hard drive is encrypted, CrashPlan backups of your data are even more important, as most emergency data recovery options are no longer available.
  • If you lose access due to a forgotten password (Mac) or hardware changes which require the recovery key (Windows), T&I may be able to help you recover access via a recovery key which is automatically (and securely) stored on our servers when the computer is first encrypted. Contact us for assistance.


  • macOS users can initiate encryption via the Self Service app, if your computer meets the requirements. Learn how.
  • Windows computers require a visit from T&I to configure encryption, due to variations in the computer hardware across models and brands.
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