Install SAS on a Windows Computer - Faculty and Students

SAS is a statistics program deployed to Davidson faculty and students on request. The current version is SAS 9.4.
Warning: The installation is very time-consuming. Be sure you have at least an hour available.

SAS 9.4 installation

  1. You must be connected to the Davidson campus network via wired ethernet, eduroam wireless, or VPN from off campus. 
  2. Log into your Windows computer with an administrator account.
  3. Open a File Explorer window and navigate to \\\apps\SAS (college computers may already have this connected as the L: drive; provide your Davidson network credentials if prompted).
  4. Copy the entire SAS 9.4 TS1M6 2023-24 folder to your desktop. Please be patient as this can take a LONG time.
  5. Open your desktop copy of the SAS 9.4 TS1M6 2023-24 folder and double-click on the file named setup.exe
  6. If prompted with the User Account Control dialog box, click Yes.
  7. On the Choose Language dialog box, select English as the default language for the Deployment Wizard and click on the OK button.
  8. The Deployment Wizard will launch. On the SAS Deployment Wizard dialog box, select the Install SAS Software radio button and click on the Next > button.
  9. On the Specify SAS Home dialog box, click on the Next > button to select the default option.
  10. On the Select Deployment Type dialog box, select the Install Additional Software radio button and click on the Next > button.
  11. On the Select Products to Install dialog box, you will be asked to select the products you wish to install. Unless you know you specifically which products you need, we recommend that you check the boxes for the following products:

    SAS Bridge for ESRI (if you have ArcGIS installed and want to use SAS with it)
    SAS Deployment Tester – Client
    SAS Drivers for JDBC
    SAS Drivers for ODBC
    SAS Foundation
    SAS Foundation Services
    SAS Help Viewer for the Web
    SAS Integration Technologies Client
    SAS Providers for OLE DB
    SAS/GRAPH ActiveX Control
    SAS/SECURE Client Components

  12. Once you select all the products listed above, click on the Next > button.
  13. Click on the Next > button to accept 64-bit Native Mode.
  14. On the Select SAS Foundation Products dialog box, make sure all of the boxes are checked and click on the Next > button.
  15. On the SAS Installation Data File dialog box, the address bar should be populated with the correct path - make sure you see the current/upcoming academic year referenced in the file name, and that the listed expiration dates are in the future. Click on the Next > button.
  16. On the Select Language Support dialog box, click Clear All which will leave just English and Unicode Support checked and grayed out. Then click on the Next > button.
  17. On the Select Regional Settings dialog box, make sure that English is selected and then click on the Next > button.
  18. Accept the default values for SAS Document Conversion Host and Port. Click Next >.
  19. The SAS Deployment Wizard will now check your computer to make sure there aren’t any missing components. Click on the Next > button to continue.
  20. After the Checking System progress bars complete, click on the Next > button.
  21. On the Deployment Summary dialog box, click on the Start button.
  22. Installation should begin. Please note that installation will take quite a while.
  23. On the Deployment Complete dialog box, click on the Next > button.
  24. On the Select Support Option dialog box, select either option based on your personal preference. Click on the Next > button to proceed.
  25. On the Additional Resources dialog box, click on the Finish button.
  26. To verify that SAS 9.4 has successfully installed:
    • Click on the Windows Start button.
    • Type sas to initiate a search for the program
    • In the Search results, click on the SAS 9.4 (English) Desktop app to launch SAS.
  27. You can delete the SAS 9.4 TS1M6 2023-24 folder from the desktop.
  28. This step is for STUDENTS ONLY:
    Please send an email to your instructor to inform them you installed SAS on your personal computer. Please copy Technology & Innovation ( on this email.


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