Install JMP Pro - Faculty and Student Personal Computers

JMP Pro is statistical software licensed by Davidson College. License renewal is required each June.

Allowed uses and users: 

  • Davidson faculty on their office and research computers, and
  • Faculty and students on their personally owned computers,
  • For "original academic work".
  • Cannot be used for "institutional research and other administrative uses related to the operation or improvement" of the college.

These instructions are for installation on personally owned computers (faculty or student). See here for installation on college-owned computers.

  1. Download the zipped installer folder from Google Drive. You must be logged into Google Drive with your Davidson credentials to be able to access this link. If you are not already logged in, you will see an error page that includes a sign in link - do that, then come back to this page and follow the download link again.
  2. The installers are big; the download may take a while.
  3. Once the download is complete, you may need to double click (macOS) or right click and Extract All (Windows) to expand the zip file into a folder of the same name, depending on your browser and settings.
  4. Inside the folder, you should see a number of files and subfolders. Navigate to JMP, JMP_Pro, Version_Number, Platform (for example, JMP, JMP_Pro, 17_0, Macintosh).
  5. Launch the installer:
macOSJMPProInstaller.png Double click on JMP-Install.dmg. This will open another window with the actual installer, for example JMP Pro 17.pkg. Double click it.



There are a number of files in this folder. Locate and double click on setup.exe (you may not see the .exe, depending on your settings).
  1. Follow the instructions in the installer. The defaults are suitable for most users.
  2. Once installation is complete, you should delete both the original downloaded zip file and the expanded installer folder, to avoid wasting disk space.


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