Logging Into Adobe Apps in Labs & Classrooms

Due to changes made by Adobe, lab and classroom users are now (as of March 2019) required to log in with an "Adobe ID" before using any of the Adobe Creative Cloud apps.

Davidson student accounts have already been set up to work as Adobe IDs. In addition, any Davidson employees who have requested Adobe CC access may use their Davidson accounts to access the software in the labs and classrooms as well.

  1. Launch the Adobe CC app you wish to use.
  2. In the Adobe ID Sign In dialog box, click on Sign in with an Enterprise ID.
  3. In the Enterprise ID dialog box, in the Email address or domain name field, enter davidson.edu or yourusername@davidson.edu, then tab or click out of the field.
  4. On Mac, you will see a campus image and the option to choose sso.davidson.edu; do so. On Windows, you will get a Windows Security dialog box with the name of the Adobe app and the text Connecting to sso.davidson.edu.
  5. Enter your Davidson email address (yourusername@davidson.edu) and password.

Once you have logged into one Adobe CC app, other Adobe CC apps are automatically logged in.

If you later come back to use Adobe CC apps on the same lab or classroom computer, you may be prompted to log in again, or you may be asked to confirm that the account is still correct.

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