Upgrading Your Campus Computer to the Current Windows 10 Build

This article is primarily aimed at those who have received a popup message referring them to keyword WinBuildUpgrade, but others are allowed to read it, too.

Who and Why

If you received this message, your computer is running a version of Windows 10 that is already or soon to be out of date (no longer receiving support or security updates from Microsoft). For the protection of this computer as well as the network in general, it needs to be upgraded.

Reminders to upgrade are generally issued for about a month before the upgrade is initiated automatically. Because the timing of the automatic upgrade may not be convenient, we strongly recommend that you choose to upgrade at your own convenience during the warning period.

Step 1: Prep

Make sure your files are backed up. These upgrades should not damage or remove any files, but it's wise to check that your backups are running before making any major changes.

  • Any files stored in Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive should already be covered (log into the web portal of the service you use to verify that the sync has been working).
  • Most office computers have Code42 (formerly known as CrashPlan) installed. Open the program via the blocky C icon in the lower right of your screen or find it via searching the Start menu. Verify that the status is green and click the Backup Now option to make sure that it is able to back files up successfully.
  • If you're not sure your files are backed up properly, stop here and contact T&I for assistance before you continue.

Step 2: Windows 10 Build Upgrade

The OS upgrade will take a while (two hours is not uncommon) so we recommend starting this right before you leave for lunch or the evening. If possible, have your computer on the campus network for this process; it will work over the internet, but on site will be faster and more reliable.

Quit all programs. Open the Software Center via the "Do It Now" button in the popup dialog that brought you here, or via the Start menu. In the Operating Systems section, choose "Upgrade to Win 10 build 21H2". Once the progress dialog comes up, it will keep on doing its thing, and you can leave it to it. Your first login after the upgrade is complete will take a few minutes longer than usual.


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