Mobile Technology Classrooms

These classroom spaces are designed to allow users to bring their device - laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc - into the space and teach/present thru the AV system using wired or wireless connection options. This allows users to not worry about logging on to a public classroom/lab computers or spending extra time trying to access content.

Rooms designated as "Mobile Technology" spaces:

  • Chambers 2084
  • Chambers 3084

 As Classroom renovations continue we will update the list accordingly.

The room's AV design consists of a Projection system that has a laser projector and Whiteboard display for annotation; Simplified Control Panel for input selection; HDMI cable and adapter connections, labeled "Laptop" input; and "AirMedia", a wireless presentation system that lets you cast content onto the in-room display directly from your personal laptop or mobile device.

Control Panel


This is the Control Panel setup for the rooms. The first step in using the system is to turn it on by pressing the Power On/Off button in the top right corner. The System Power button will emit a blue light to indicate it is on. If there is no light, the system is off.


The Control Panel will cycle through the inputs as it is initializing. This is normal behavior. The system is on and ready when it has stopped cycling thru the input buttons, the Projector is on and showing the AirMedia splash screen (this is the default).

Input Selection

Next, select the Input you would like to use:

  • AirMedia - Wireless connection using the AirMedia device. Instructions for using AirMedia can be found here: Using AirMedia
  • Laptop - Select this input when connecting a laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc. using the provided HDMI cable and adapters. Further instructions can be found here: HDMI/Laptop Connections

Other functions and features

AV Mute - Pressing this button will "black-out" the projection screen. This is useful if you do not want your intended audience to see your screen temporarily. Pressing the AV Mute button again will restore what you are displaying back to the projection screen.


Help - Pressing this button will send an Alert to T&I that assistance is required with the Classroom Technology in the room you are in. A staff member will be dispatched during classroom hours. If the issue has been resolved before help arrives, pressing the button again will notify T&I that assistance is no longer needed (you may still get a visit from T&I staff, just to be on the safe side)


Volume Controls - The Volume knob allows you to adjust the room sound levels. There is also an Audio Mute button directly underneath the knob, which will drop all the sound to a silent level. Pressing the Audio Mute button a second time will return the sound back to the level of the volume knob indicator.


Disconnecting/Powering off

When you a finished, simply disconnect your devices from any wired/wireless connection and press the System On/Off button. This will turn off the projector (saving energy and bulb life) as well as the Control Panel. Cables should be left in an orderly fashion for the next user.

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