Troubleshooting Respondus Lockdown Browser Exam Issues

Several issues can arise when students are taking a Lockdown exam.

This article focuses on 2 of the main issues.

Student has accidentally closed the exam

If/when students close their browser, a popup like the one below will appear. 


If they choose "Close the Browser", they should be allowed to offer a reason for leaving the exam before finishing which will trigger another popup that their instructors will receive.


Depending on the settings of the quiz/exam, they may reenter with another attempt or need to contact someone on the digital learning team to override the settings.

Screen is frozen for any reason and the cannot "Return to Exam"

When lockdown browser freezes it is usually because a dialogue box from a different application has opened in the background.

If students try exiting the browser they will go through similar steps to above.

Ultimately, if a screen is frozen, the last resort is a cold reboot, meaning the user holds their power button until their computer turns off and then they restart their computer it. 

For further information on this error, the Lockdown FAQ area is a good place to consult:

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