How To: Migrate Your Domain Name and Data to a Third-Party Hosting Service (When Leaving the College) (Also: How to Back Up Your Davidson Domain)

First, make your data ready for transfer by backing up your Davidson Domains domain.

  1. Log in to
  2. Hover your cursor over "Manage Your Account" from the top menu in the black navigation bar and click "Migration Information".
  3. Click "Add Backup" to make a full backup of your cPanel environment. This means everything -- domains, subdomains, applications, databases, email, etc. -- you are using in the dashboard for Davidson Domains.
  4. Download that backup file (link will be below that button when completed). Your selected hosting service will be able to tell you if they support cPanel and if they can assist with the migration. This process is your responsibility -- T&I does not provide support for this.

Next, migrate your domain name, if applicable. Users who created their domains prior to August 2020, and have a name in the form (that is, a top-level domain or TLD), are eligible to migrate that domain name to the hosting service of their choice. Users who created their domains after August 2020, and have a domain name in the form, are not eligible to transfer that name, and must register a new top-level domain with their hosting service.

If your domain is eligible for transfer, you can follow these instructions.

Other options for handing your Domains account when leaving the College are outlined here.


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