How To: Create Subdirectories in cPanel

Subdirectories are one way of organizing and separating content on your site. The other is subdomains. For more on the distinctions between the two, see here. This article outlines the procedure for creating subdirectories using the Davidson Domains dashboard (cPanel).

Methods for creating subdirectories vary. The most basic is to use the File Manager (though this method is basic, it assumes you understand where files need to live for particular purposes).

  1. Log in to Domains and open your Dashboard.
  2. Locate the Files section.
  3. Click File Manager.
  4. In the left column, click the folder "public_html".
  5. In the menu bar, to the left under cP File Manager, click + Folder.
  6. In the New Folder dialog, enter your New Folder Name ("folder" and "directory" are interchangeable). Click Create New Folder.
  7. Your new folder appears inside public_html.

There are other methods as well. Some software installers can create subdirectories during installation. For example, a simple way to create a subdirectory for WordPress is to add it in during the installation process. The installers Location settings allow you to specify a directory to put WordPress in. Note that the installer will give you a preview of both the resulting URL and the physical path.



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