About: New Features in Moodle 3.8.1

The newest major version of Moodle has several new features, ranging from better editing of question banks to the beginning of H5P integration, as well as further improvements to forums and administration of badges. Some highlights of this new version include:

  • Ability to filter the calendar by month, day and upcoming events
  • Forums can now be graded
  • Forum summary report is now available
  • Exporting of Forum discussions
  • Analytics includes two new insights
  • Filter by group when manually awarding badges
  • Emojis can be included in Moodle messages
  • Session Timeout warning
  • Question bank now includes easily visible ID numbers and tags, along with an edit menu
  • First phase of H5P integration. If you already use H5P then we believe the next step of integration will be of more interest to existing users.

Several self-paced training courses are available:

T&I also recommends reviewing the New Features overview on Moodle.org for more information.


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